I'm afraid I can't comment extensively on RCW's performance compared to other IT service providers as RCW has been our sole provider for almost all of the 9 years since we took over all facets of operations at the Newell Regional Landfill.  I can say that over that period our requirements have gone far beyond simple maintenance and upgrades into program development of manifesting and invoicing software to replace the system used by our contract operator, a task that required extensive modifications and tweaks to meet our specific needs.  At the same time RCW has provided rapid responses when more typical troubleshooting was required, and has been proactive in keeping our systems up to date and protected.

As RCW has handled our varied and ongoing needs they have been cost conscious, something that not all specialized service contractors keep in mind and which is much appreciated.

R. A. (Ray) Juska Manager
Brooks, Alberta

Very knowledgeable and familiar with our programs and how they line up with our needs. Services are always provided in a timely fashion by friendly personable staff.

Proactive approach to our system and needs resulting in a stable system with no down time.

Mike Mahar President / Business Agent
Amalgamated Transit Union
Local 583

RCW…..has looked after our computer and technical needs for many years. If a problem arises they take care of it with quick and professional service.

RCW….will not only professionally address your technical and computer issues but they will keep you apprised of updates and improvements in computer hardware and software so that you can stay competitive in your market.

Jamie Nesbit President
The Brooks Bulletin
Brooks Alberta

More personal interaction

Been using RCW since 2007… brought them into our family business because I trust them fully.

Lisa Lobello Office Manager
Nicks WoodCraft Inc
Calgary, Alberta

Timely response to IT problems, competitive equipment pricing, personalized touch, clean working and cleanup, knowledgeable, honest suggestions given with options.

Personalized feel of organization and considerate team members has been appreciated. As well as patience working with various staff on remote troubleshooting.

Dr Blake Balog DVM Bow Valley Veterinary Group
Brooks Alberta

By far the thing that your firm does best is provide quick response and resolution to any issue we may have.  The ability to provide remote support to any of us anywhere is also crucial.  But most importantly, treating every issue small or large as important and providing our staff with assistance without judgement of their individual knowledge or expertise is unique and appreciated.

Being able to develop long-term relationships within your company instead of being passed through multiple IT staff with some groups is crucial to us.   TRUST… this is the biggest one,   we all trust you to take care of our data!

Deb Kathrens Controller
TemproTec, Inc

I cannot think of a better technology company to partner with to take care of our IT needs.

Ken Warnick President
TemproTec, Inc